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2023 Class Information

Acro Dance

All Acro classes will follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus working towards Acro exams in October. Exams are optional but lots of fun! They are far more relaxed to other dancing exams and we had several students say they cant wait for the next lot of exams! Students are required to learn all skills confidently to progress to the next level.

Primary/Level 1 - 45 minute class. This class is for those new to Acro or those that sat their Primary Acro exams last year. We will be working on both levels within the class

Level 1/2 - 1 hour class. This class is only for those who sat either their Primary exam in 2022 and would like a further push having a 1 hour class or those who sat their Level 1 exam in 2019. This will be a more challenging class than the primary/level 1 class and is not for beginners.

Level 3+ - Students are only eligible for these classes if they sat their Level 2 Acro exam in 2022


Adult Acro - This year we have 2 classes available for our adult acrobats! Last year we had a great group sit their Primary exams and they will now be working towards level 1. We hope to have a few more take on the exam option this year! We will also have a recreational adults class with no exams, we will still however work through the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. No experience needed!


Performance Acro - Dancers must be over 7 years to do this class and must attend another Acro class in the week. Performance Acro will be split to 2 levels within the class based on skill level and we will work on seperate routines. If there is time we will also work on one large group routine. This class may be asked to do dance competitions and performances in the community. There will be a cost for a costume involved. Students must have clean cartwheels on both sides, 1 handed cartwheels on both sides, and a bridge kick over as a minimum requirement. Commitment is needed for this class as it is too hard to train routines with people away.



Lyrical - Lyrical is a beautiful style of dance that is simply danced to the lyrics of a song! We will work on classical technique and performance skills with in the class. Dancers will learn to choreograph and pick up choreography all with no pressure of exams, just the chance to enjoy dancing!


Hip Hop - Dance to all the latest tracks in this fun class! This fun class teaches rhythm, performance, how to pick up choreography and choreograph! Dancers learn cool hip hop moves while gaining confidence dancing with their friends.


Tumbling Extension

These extension classes are for students who would like to spend extra time on their tumbling class sizes are limited to 8 students.

Beginner class - Must have clean cartwheels on both sides and a strong bridge

Intermediate class - Must have all 4 1 handed cartwheels, bridge kickover and a round-off

Advanced class - Must have an aerial and a standing back handspring.



Stretch class - As students move up the Acro grades, flexibility becomes more and more important. Our beginner-Intermediate class will be working on getting into all 3 splits safely and working on shoulder and back flexibility to help with their acro skills.

Our intermediate-advanced class will need splits and will be working to more advanced flexibility skills. Both classes will work on skills that require flexibility such as leaps, kicks and leg mounts to help them progress as dancers.


Strength for Dancers - This is one of the most important class dancers can take if you are looking for an extra to add! Dancers will work on cardio fitness as well as gaining strength through body weight and some weighted exercises. Dancers will work to tone and strengthen the muscles and joints we need to use for acro and dance safely. Strength for dancers is run by qualified and experienced Personal Trainer and dance teacher.


Private lessons - We have some limited times available for private lessons to work on skills one on one or for up to 3 students at a time. This can be anything from the splits to higher lever tumbling and contortion. Please message the SWPT team if you are interested in these.


Workshops - Coming soon!! We will be running block courses of 4, 5 and 6 weeks for skills such as Aerials, Back Handsprings and Walkovers! Watch out in the waiting room and on the Facebook page for more!


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